Super Rad Paperweight


Modstar makes a lot of apps for our clients.  We had a crazy idea.  Let’s make one for ourselves.

We first looked for a silly problem we could solve with an app. The problem we identified was papers being blown away by the wind, which can be quite annoying. Because people no longer buy paperweights as they used to, we decided to create an app that turns your iPhone into a paperweight.

We identified two target audiences.  The first was people who have an old iPhone and don’t use it anymore.  People in this group are often heard saying, “What good is this old phone? I might as well use it for a paperweight.”  We had just the solution for them.  The second group was people that have the iPhone and are plagued with occasional gusts of wind.  Our app allows them to put the phone down on top of whatever they wish to secure.


  • Product Design
  • App Design
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  • Visual Design
  • iOS Development